Customs import exchange rate for each month

According to the Measures of the customs of the people's Republic of China for the administration of Taxation on import and export goods’ policy, which is the No.124 order of general administration of Chinese customs, when a cargo that the value and other related fee is not Renminbi is declared, customs has the right to calculate the duty-paying value in Renminbi by using the planned levy exchange rate at that time. Duty-paying value is calculated by rounding up and down to Fen. The planned levy exchange rate that customs use is the based rate published by the People's Bank of China on the third Wednesday of last month(If the day is a statutory holiday, then the next Wednesday will be adopted). Customs can also use the intermediate values of the buying rate and selling rate published by PBC if the cargo value is calculated by a rare currency (under the circumstances, Renminbi needs to round to the four decimal places). The general administration of Chinese customs was granted to use and publish other rates if the above-mentioned rate met unexpected heavy change.

For checking the composite tax rate, you can visit the following website:

Custom tax rate for July 2023

For the convenience of customers to calculate the cost, we will update the customs import exchange rate monthly.
Tips: tax amount including insurance = cargo value * composite tax rate * customs import exchange rate of the month when the cargo is declared; tax amount without insurance = cargo * composite tax rate * customs import exchange rate of the month when the cargo is declared * 1.003.
The customs import exchange rate for this month as follows:

CurrencyCodeCustom Exchange Rate
U.S. DollarUSD7.1795
Australian DollarAUD4.8741
New Zealand DollarNZD4.4271

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